Strengthening and building Christian schools, churches and leadership

Together in the Kingdom of God

We work with a number of schools and preschools.

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We also work together with Agape Church who holds it's services in our building.

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What we do

We help churches, schools and movements.


First and foremost, schools need the freedom to be explorers of reality. To not be confined by different ideologies - either their own or others. To be able to stand on their own, be themselves and devote themselves to what interests them. To learn essential languages, essential values ​​and life-enhancing skills - and to be ready for life outside and after school. We have not found a better and more solid foundation for this - than the Christian foundation. It is both safe and progressing. Both open and happy, yet accurate. Most of Sweden's education has been built on this foundation for almost 1,000 years. We want to take advantage of that.


Churches first need to emphasize getting to know the Lord and practicing a life of discipleship. This will result in worship services becoming more exciting, therefore attracting more people. Every time we meet for a worship service with believers, and those still exploring their faith, our heart changes a little in the direction of becoming more like Jesus - if we allow it to. We then grow together in divine character, skills and the willingness to serve our fellow man. The family and the church are what we usually call "the two institutions of God" on earth, according to the millennial tradition.


A movement first needs to find it's identity and freedom, live in that identity and pass it on to others. The movement then grows and hopefully influences many people to join and create a better world for all of us (if it is good and has good intentions). Therefore, the very first direction (the "spirit") of the movement becomes absolutely decisive for which way it develops. Here at the starting point, we find some very basic words: righteousness (justice), peace (harmony) and truth (correct perception of reality)…but also words such as; strong and humble leadership (role models), endurance, unity, love, freedom, joy and understanding (knowledge). A "spirit" in a movement can always be changed, renewed and renovated - if there is a willingness to do so.

Do you need advice?

We are here to help your school, church and movement grow.

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“…your ministry has been a blessing to me, my family, my school and my ministry. Your advices have been of great impact and we look forward to a sustainable partnership with your ministry as we expand the Kingdom of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ…"

James och Olivia Gasana - Kigali, Rwanda

Our story

We, Jan & Ulla-Mi Rosman, started a foundation in October 1984 while living in the small mill town of Nävekvarn, Sweden. From the beginning the plan for the foundation was to "conduct Christian Bible teaching activities". The name "Agape" became settled in our hearts early on. It means "divine selfless love".

We had already started the basic functions of the foundation, when in June 1985 two Agape churches were formed - one in Nyköping and one in Norrköping, just two days apart.

Will you help us strengthen and build an overcoming people who are faithful to do the works of God?

"Den som segrar och håller fast till mina gärningar ända till slutet, honom skall jag ge makt över folken..."

- Revelation 2:26