Åliden School & Ålidens Preschool

Our schools in Flen

In Flen we are in a nice environment right by a stream on Rundvägen 7. Here are three opportunities for your children with high quality: our preschool, our before/after school program and our F-9 school. We have a family atmosphere because we are not so many and have all the advantages of a small school. Welcome with your registration of interest - via the websites below.  

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Åliden School

Åliden School is beautifully situated on a slope down to Flen stream. The school started in 1994 and thus has extensive experience in education. The school has a Christian focus, which means that we work purposefully with value-based work, which rests precisely on Christian values. We are a small F-9 school where students and staff know each other. The teacher density is high and with us you get that little extra. We are proud of the school's high goal fulfillment and merit values.

Ålidens Preschool

Our preschool is located on Åliden and we share our lovely yard with Åliden School, which contributes to a warm community among younger and older children and students. The preschool has small groups of children where we have 25 places divided into two departments aged 1-5 years. At the preschool, we work with Christian orientation by first and foremost emphasizing the equal value of all people, that you are uniquely created and loved. The golden rule permeates our treatment of each other in preschool: "Whatever you want people to do for you, you must do for them."

When you teach...

"Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning."

- Proverbs 9:9