The mission of
the foundation

Our mission

We work with schools, churches and movements to build the Kingdom of God. Together we are building and strengthening others in this mission.   


It has been an exciting journey to start, build and lead Christian schools, preschools and before/after school care programs. You can find links to them on the first page. We want to continue in this by sharing our experiences and expertise we have built up over the years. We would like to pass on what we have learned and practiced in order to have a good development of educational environments.



Agape church in Norrköping is an independent, local congregation - connected ecumenically to both quite similar and very different congregations - from completely different traditions. Today it is led by Pastor David Ekerbring and his "core team". Around them is a "shepherd group". In 2020 a non-profit organization was formed to administer the affairs of the church which, until recently, had been managed by the foundation. David is also chairman of the Faith Movement in Sweden. We now turn to churches and movements everywhere in order to share the experiences we have gained throughout the years.

People worshipping


By nature, when faith enters other movements it lifts up, strengthens and purifies the visions, motivations and driving forces of ordinary people. This is especially needed amongst leaders of all kinds, so that every movement positively influences human development. Negations and traumas of different kinds can be put aside or at least have a lesser significance. Leadership care becomes super important for every emerging movement amongst people. We deal with this in many nations - especially now in Africa and Europe - through many other movements. It is only possible by grace to change hats now and then and still remain faithful to the core message. Overall it is about character, capacity and willingness to serve.

We can help

We are here to help; we live to help others. In concrete terms, we can help you in these areas: schools, churches and movements (leadership). There are many of us who would be happy to work with you! We will come to you with good character, skills and a willingness to serve.

We can start by having you visit one of our church services or we can take care of your children in one of our schools/preschools. Please contact us if you need our support or guidance.

Jan Rosman styrelseordforande

All I ask of the opponents to my opinions is a small space to be a believing Christian in the educational world.

Jan Rosman - Foundation President