Om Stiftelsen
Agape Norrköping

Our story

We, Jan & Ulla-Mi Rosman, started a foundation in October 1984 while living in the small mill town of Nävekvarn, Sweden. From the beginning the plan for the foundation was to "conduct Christian Bible teaching activities". The name "Agape" became settled in our hearts early on. It means "divine selfless love".

We had already started the basic functions of the foundation, when in June 1985 two Agape churches were formed - one in Nyköping and one in Norrköping, just two days apart. Jan became the pastor and "Bible teacher". In August of the same year we moved to Norrköping. We traveled sharing the faith teaching (Bible teaching), mainly in Sweden.

1992 was a breakthrough year in many ways when we were able to start a school, preschool and build a house for our family - which by this time was enriched with four wonderful children. In 1993, a journey began in the service of missions, which over the years has taken us to more than 50 countries around the world - teaching Bible & leadership lessons.

In 2010, a new breakthrough year came when we could buy the former SVT house in Norrköping - and gather schools, preschools, before/after school care and a church under one roof, in addition to a spacious property and gardens. We received requests from both Nyköping and Flen for guidance regarding the Christian schools they had started. We accepted both challenges and formed a small school group. Ulla-Mi educated herself as a preschool teacher and later became the principle of the preschool. 

The next breakthrough year came in 2015 when Jan, after 30 years as the main pastor, was able to release the leadership of the church in Norrköping to a new generation; namely David Ekerbring. A powerful development took place in the congregation and it has continued to grow in all areas to this day. Jan continues as the President of the foundation and Dean of the schools.

In 2020 we took the step of forming a non-profit organization to administer the church's finances and legalities. The congregation's business is led by its director, David.

It is fun to live in God's will - with His wind in your back. We look with confidence and faith to the future. There are so many needs and endless opportunities to live and work in our time. Especially as we live with the assurance that God has "poured out His Spirit upon all flesh." We just need to stand with Him, in Him and through Him…! We are now trying to focus on helping schools, churches and movements. We have a saying in our church: "Live for others; live for each other”.

”För första gången kunde vi genomföra vår egen kurs – Agape Bible Course – för en grupp andliga ledare och pastorer i Kigali, Rwanda –  i september 2019. Den handlar om frukt, gåvor och tjänster – d v s karaktär, kapacitet/förmågor och betjäningsvilja.

  Själva innehållet utgår från våra samlade livsbudskap om tro, hopp och kärlek. Det blev mycket uppskattat bland dessa pastorer där många har många församlingar – och kristna skolor. Vi får vara med och bygga upp nationer från grunden. Flera olika kristna rörelser var representerade här och vi fick bara så Guds ord rakt in i dem allihopa.

Jan Rosman - Foundation President

Let your vision become a reality with us.

"Without vision the people perish..."

- Proverbs 29:18